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Workplace solutions and equipment from DIVIKOM

Welcome to DIVIKOM, the steel furniture distributor and manufacturer for innovative workplace solutions. We are especially pleased to welcome you to our website. We would be pleased to present you our company and our products as well as our customer-specific services and effective workplace solutions.Just have a look around and let yourself be inspired by our offer. Many customers have already been convinced of our quality and service, and our customer potential extends across the whole of Europe.

Our entry as a furniture dealer and steel furniture manufacturer already took place in 2004. Meanwhile DIVIKOM can offer the production and distribution of a wide range of metal furniture. Our products are used in both the public and commercial sectors. Whether for companies, workshops, social rooms, offices or schools, we offer our top quality at an excellent price-performance ratio, which includes, for example, double-walled doors with high torsional resistance. This includes innovative designs and functionality that are subject to continuous development.
Efficient production, clean processing and a high accuracy are ensured by state-of-the-art production lines equipped with the latest CNC technology. Short-term changes for special productions or rush orders are therefore no problem due to fast reprogramming. When it comes to quality, there is no compromise and no difference between series production and custom-made products. All products are subject to a strict final inspection before they are delivered to our customers on time.
Small Box Lockers, Deposit Boxes
Deposit lockers
Filing Cabinets, Drawer Pedestals
Filing Cabinets, Drawer Pedestals
Lockers, Box Lockers
Lockers, Box Lockers
Cabinets, Cupboards
Cabinets, Cupboards
Workshop Drawer Cabinets
Workshop Drawer Cabinets
Workshop Cabinets
Workshop Cabinets

Individual consulting, custom-made products and assembly on site

An essential part of our production is the realization of custom-made products and special design drafts according to the specifications of our customers. This also includes the development of completely new creations with innovative functions, whereby all local or application-related problems can be solved.
Against this background, we provide you with individual and solution-oriented consulting, which you can access at any time. Our technicians and designers are at your side with their professional competence and many years of experience.

In our extensive service program, on-site assembly is another major topic. It is not uncommon for it to turn out on site that unforeseeable structural conditions or other situation changes require a quick and unconventional solution. DIVIKOM installation teams not only ensure professional installation, but also support you in solving and eliminating problem situations.
Our deliveries:

Material, quality and safety of workplace furniture

Due to its high strength, resistance and yet good processing properties, the use of steel sheet is the top priority in the entire automotive and machinery industry. In addition, there is the not inconsiderable advantage that steel requires only a small amount of material due to its enormous stability, which leads to a considerable reduction in overall weight compared to other materials. In addition, steel is fully recyclable.  

These unique advantages are used to the full extent by DIVIKOM furniture producer for the manufacturing of high-quality steel furniture. In addition, our steel workplace furniture makes an active contribution to fire protection, as steel is known to be fireproof, which is a not insignificant safety aspect.
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Browse our catalogue for

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Design and sustainability from the steel furniture manufacturer

To finalize the design, the powder coating process is used as colouring. The paint powder used does not contain any solvents and is applied at a temperature of 185 degrees Celsius. The layer is thicker and more durable than that found in wet paint. All edges and corners are rounded off by the melting of the paint powder, which benefits a soft design and hardly gives any idea of the hard steel underneath.

The steel itself forms an inseparable symbiosis with this coating, which on the practical side guarantees excellent corrosion protection and thus a long service life over many decades, similar to hot-dip galvanizing. Due to the high hardness and scratch resistance of powder coatings, the preservation of the colouring is also ensured without the need for subsequent improvement. Depending on the area of application and the predominant interior design, a selection of different RAL colours is available.

Our production program for workplace furnishing

The term "steel furniture"  or "metal furniture" includes, in addition to well-known cabinets and tables, a broad range of various products that at first do not resemble furniture. Tool trolleys or lockers can serve as examples here. However, even products that obviously present themselves as steel furniture are subject to a wide range of differentiation with regard to their functions, dimensions, compositions or areas of use. Thus, wooden elements such as table tops, seats or grates can be included in the construction.

In order to give you an initial overview of our standard range, we have grouped our products into individual, clearly arranged subject areas, which we would like to present to you below.

Social room and changing room furnishings: lockers, boxes, cabinets, benches

This category represents the standard range of classic metal lockers, such as rational Z lockers,  cabinets, school lockers and steel cabinets with clever fixtures that can also be varied.
The classics undoubtedly include changing lockers which were developed further with innovative ideas. These include double-walled doors that provide particularly resistant stiffening. In rough everyday use or by impetuous pupils, they can sometimes withstand a knock. Even vandalism and attempted break-ins have little chance here.

In addition, there are effective ventilation systems for lockers and integrated bench frames. These ergonomically balanced benches are equipped with smooth beech strips that provide pleasant warmth when in use. Also equipped with beech slats are the folding foot or shoe slats, which provide the necessary distance to the cold stone floor. Other options include storage compartments, sliding coat hooks, clothes rails or integrated lockable compartments.

All doors can be equipped with cylinder locks and two keys, which are available with a main locking system as standard. Of course, the good old padlocks for hanging locks are still available. In addition, coin deposit locks or combination locks are also available. Another innovation is electronic locks. They work with the card, chip or mobile phone application. The sloping roof is used to accommodate cables and power supplies in this case.
Safe deposit boxes have several individual lockers. Here too, as described above, electronic locks can be used in addition to conventional locks.
Benches are also available with a frame for clothes hooks. But also simply as a bench and with or without shoe grilles - everything is possible. The double-row version is possible.

Factory and storage equipment: workbenches, workshop cabinets, workshop trolleys and tool cabinets

Tool cabinets, metal cabinets are used in workshops, factories and warehouses as workplace equipment. We can equip these practical cabinets in various heights according to your wishes. Shelves and perforated plates can also be installed here for the clear provision of tools. All drawers are available with or without tool compartments. They are equipped with telescopic roller guides, so that they can be pulled out completely. The adjustment grid for shelves is 25 mm. The load capacity of the cabinets reaches up to 800 kg.

The professional workbench with drawer unit can be offered as a pure table or as a fully equipped workstation with perforated rear wall and with a light fixture installed above it. A power supply strip with plug sockets is also possible. The solid beech hardwood worktop is supported by a sturdy steel frame made of height-adjustable U-profiles.

Our workshop trolleys move on ball bearing mounted rollers, which consist of two fixed rollers at the rear and two swivel rollers at the front. They can be moved from one location to the next with a light hand, supported by a generously dimensioned aluminium handle. All drawers have ball-bearing telescopic guides and can be pulled out 100% or 80%. They can also be equipped with compartments or tool holders. There is also space on the front side for a strip for holding cone mandrels. The trolley surface can be used for storing tools and small parts and can carry a load of 300 kg.
Chemical cabinets and environmental cabinets are also included.
We have a wide range of products for factory equipment.

Workplace office furniture: filing cabinets, storage cabinets, roll containers

Due to the high-quality powder coating with matching RAL shades, our workplace office furniture fits elegantly and at the same time practically into the rest of the furniture. Perfect design and noble workmanship do the rest. Cabinets and roll containers for hanging files are the best examples of this.

The cabinets, also known as suspension file cabinets, have pull-out register frames that slide like drawers on ball bearing telescopic guides. Metal roller containers for suspension files, on the other hand, are particularly practical if they are to be used directly next to the desk, but must also be used for other purposes and pushed aside. The range also includes lockable filing cabinets for storing files in various sizes.
Detailed descriptions of individual products can be found on the corresponding pages. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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